ClearOne Professional Audio

High quality audio conferencing systems are critical for enabling productive meetings where decisions are made quickly and important issues are addressed.

ClearOne’s professional conferencing products are the most sophisticated, feature-rich systems on the market, offering unrivaled audio processing performance.


ClearOne’s CONVERGE MATRIX mixer and router provides new opportunities for large scale pro audio installations


A VoIP endpoint enables the CONVERGE Pro system to directly connect to a VoIP PBX. The VH20 uses a SIP-based protocol that is interoperable with major PBX manufacturers including Cisco, Avaya and others.


The CONVERGE Pro TH20 adds telephone conferencing capabilities to the CONVERGE Pro 880. It also adds two additional line inputs and outputs.


New input only platform adds eight more inputs to CONVERGE Pro system at a lower price, allowing customers to match the number of inputs and outputs required.


The CONVERGE Pro 840T combines the features of the Converge Pro 800 with a single-line telephone interface and a 10-watt amplifier for stand-alone conferencing applications.


A complete conferencing solution with four power amplifiers delivering enhanced management features, simplified configuration tools and industry-leading expandability for use in virtually any venue and application.


Combine the rich functionality of the CONVERGE Pro 880 with a built-in telephone interface and speaker amplifier.


The CONVERGE Pro 880 is the flagship professional conferencing solution with a deep list of flexible features utilizing ClearOne’s legacy audio clarity technology.


CONVERGE SR 1212A is a highly advanced 12X12 automatic digital mixer with an integrated four channel power amplifier.


The CONVERGE SR 1212 is a highly-advanced 12x12 automatic digital mixer with ClearOne’s fourth-generation audio processing technologies.


ClearOne's CONVERGE USB device provices USB connectivity between desktop and laptop UC applications and CONVERGE Pro


Input-only device adding an additional 8 microphone inputs to the INTERACT® PRO conferencing mixer.


INTERACT® Pro provides unmatched audio performance and expandability with simple configuration.

FBX2410 Feedback Eliminator

The 24-bit FBX is constantly on the watch for feedback, with filters placed almost immediately (in 0.4 seconds at 1 KHz.)

FBX1210 Feedback Eliminator

The power of the FBX with SMARTFilters lies in its ability to control feedback during the program, placing a filter that only kills the feedback, not the sound and power you work so hard to achieve.

UC Voice

ClearOne’s personal conferencing products have become popular with large and small enterprises alike. The CHAT® speakerphone and headset products provide unmatched full-duplex audio clarity and connect to a wide variety of devices for conferencing wherever and whenever you want. INTERACT® solutions provide complete room audio conferencing solutions, compatible with PCs or laptops running a variety of unified communications software.

Chat USB Headsets

CHAT USB headsets for unified communications combine comfort, durability and the legacy audio quality you expect from ClearOne.

CHAT® 50

The CHAT 50 is a portable audio peripheral that connects to a variety of devices and provides crystal-clear, hands-free audio communications.

CHAT® 150

The CHAT 150 connects to telephones, PCs, and video conferencing systems for rich, full-duplex audio that is far superior to the built-in options on these devices. A perfect addition to the office or conference room for greatly enhanced collaboration.


USB Conference calls are no longer limited to small tables. The CHATAttach 150 facilitates USB conferencing for medium and large conference rooms. No matter where participants are seated, conversations are natural and effortless.

CHAT® 60

About the same size as a deck of cards, the CHAT 60-U is a PC speakerphone that connects to desktops or laptops via USB providing hands-free communication with Skype™.

CHAT® 160

The CHAT 160 contains HDConference®, our suite of high-performance audio technologies, and delivers full-bandwidth frequency response for crystal-clear audio with unmatched full-duplex performance.

CHAT Attach® 160

The Skype Certified CHATAttach 160 conferencing system includes two, daisy-chained CHAT 160 speakerphones designed specifically to facilitate Skype calls UC applications requiring full-duplex audio.

CHAT® 70

Containing HDConference audio technologies, the CHAT 70-U delivers full-bandwidth frequency response for rich audio and unmatched full-duplex performance.

CHAT® 170

Containing HDConference audio technologies, the CHAT 70 delivers full-bandwidth frequency response for rich audio and unmatched full-duplex performance.

CHAT Attach® 170

The CHATAttach 170 facilitates USB conferencing for medium and large conference rooms.


The industry’s first fully expandable SIP-based tabletop conference phone, MAX® IP delivers unrivaled audio clarity and room coverage for your VoIP phone system.


The MAX® EX conference phone provides premium, full-duplex audio with unmatched expansion capabilities.

MAX Attach®

The industry’s only fully expandable analog conferencing phone system, MAXAttach® comes with two phones for greater coverage in larger conference rooms and can also be expanded up to four daisy-chained phones using MAX® EX Expansion Kit.

MAX® Wireless

The industry’s first wireless analog conferencing phone, MAX® Wireless offers the audio quality of MAX® EX without power or telephone cables, turning any room into a conference room.

MAX Attach® IP

The industry’s first fully expandable SIP-based VoIP tabletop conference phone system. MAXAttach® IP comes with two phones, for greater coverage in larger conference rooms.

MAXAttach® Wireless

An industry first in conferencing technology, MAXAttach® Wireless comes with two analog phones that wirelessly connect to a single base unit, providing expanded coverage in medium-sized rooms.


The INTERACT® Dialer is a wired table top controller designed to add functionality to your INTERACT® device.


A complete conference room solution with flexibility in mind, INTERACT® AT includes all the necessary audio equipment and peripherals for any conference room while delivering exceptional audio quality at an affordable price.


INTERACT® AT-Skype is the only room audio conferencing solution with built-in audio conference bridging and interoperability for telephony, unified communications and video conferencing.


Using the Microsoft Communicator in conjunction with INTERACT® AT-OC eliminates the complicated routine of setting up a video conference or teleconference.


Designed with compatibility in mind, ClearOne professional microphones fit into any commercial group meeting environment

Attractive in any corporate group setting, ClearOne professional microphones deliver crystal-clear audio, reduce conference table clutter and enliven the conference setting.

Beamforming Microphone Array

The industry's first professional-grade microphone array with patent-pending audio beamforming with adaptive steering and next generation AEC technology.

Wireless Microphone System

The WS800 Digital Wireless Microphone System is optimized to work with CONVERGE® Pro and INTERACT® Pro products and perfectly complements ClearOne’s professionally installed audio conferencing product lines.

Ceiling Microphone Array

The ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Array enhances any conferencing application which demands high-quality audio.

Button Mic

Permanently built into the conference room table or panel, button mics provide an excellent unidirectional or omnidirectional pickup range.

Tabletop Microphone

The Tabletop Mic is perfect for teleconferencing applications that demand high-performance audio quality with minimal microphone visibility.

Delta Mic

The Delta Mic’s sleek design accentuates teleconferencing applications that demand high-performance audio quality.